PDM Solar, Inc.

Solar Heated and Cooled Homes | Solar Air Conditioners

PDM Solar, Inc. is currently developing integrated solar thermal roofing, seasonal thermal storage, and heat powered heat pumps for cold climate solar heated and cooled homes and solar thermal powered air conditioners for hot climate solar air conditioned homes.

PDM Solar, Inc.

Solar Heated and Cooled Homes

PDM Solar, Inc. is developing integrated solar thermal roofing to collect the sun's energy, in-ground seasonal thermal storage to allow the sun's energy to be collected during the long warm summer days and recovered and used during the short cold winter days, and a heat driven heat pump to convert the heat energy into heating and cooling for the home.

Heat Collection

Integrated Solar Thermal Roofing

We are developing patent pending non-glazed (no glass) solar thermal roofing that provides both the roofing and solar collector functions using low cost durable extruded aluminum with a solar selective surface. The integrated solar roofing is expected to have a 30 to 50 year service life. Using the solar roofing in conjunction with our thermal storage and heat powered heat pump allows solar heat to be collected on long warm summer days when the solar collectors work more efficiently because of the lower required temperature gain relative to the air temperature.

Seasonal Heat Storage

Heat Transfer Beams

PDM Solar's patent pending heat transfer beam is the heart of our thermal storage system. Designed to be quickly lowered into an excavated trench, released, and backfilled without workers entering the trench, the prestressed precast beam provides a consistent high thermal conductivity path for the heat to flow from the tubing into the surrounding earth. The beam protects the tubing from the surrounding rock, provides a high maximum heat transfer capacity to eliminate the need for buffer water storage tanks, and provides an economical means to store the heat deep enough in the ground to minimize heat loss to the cold winter air.

Comfort for Your Home

Heat Powered Heat Pump

In the summer, the patented heat powered heat pump will operate in cooling mode powered by heat from the solar thermal roofing during the day or from thermal storage at night to air condition your home. In the early parts of winter, if insufficient solar energy is available to heat the home, heat will be recovered from the storage beds and used directly to heat the home. After the thermal storage temperature drops below a directly usable temperature, the heat powered heat pump will operate in heating mode powered by heat from the thermal storage and will raise the temperature of the stored heat to heat the home. At the end of winter; a small amount of wood, propane, or natural gas heat will be used to power the heat pump, with the heat from both the boiler and storage used to heat the home. A premium 100% solar cooling and heating configuration will also be available.

Model Home Program

Opportunity for Home Builders

We are planning to supply major home builders with solar heating and cooling components for model homes as part of our testing and marketing programs. Please contact us for additional information.

Hot Climate Cooling

Solar Air Conditioners

We are developing cooling only residential solar air conditioners that can be powered by conventional solar collectors or by our integrated solar thermal roofing. The systems can be configured to only provide ac while the sun is shining or can be equipped with thermal storage to continue providing cooling during the evening and night.